Top 5 Favourite English Dishes

When it comes to food, the English have interesting choices. When it comes to food favourites, though, their choices are narrowed down to traditional English dining must-haves. If you are planning to go on a foodie experience in England, these top five favourite dishes should be on your list of must-eats:

  1. Full English Breakfast

What’s a foodie trip to England without experiencing the world-famous Full English Breakfast? It will be incomplete! A Full English Breakfast is a complete meal that starts with orange juice, fresh fruits, some cereals, and bacon & eggs. Sometimes, it is also served with sausages, toast, marmalade, and tea. Typically, it is served during breakfast, but a lot of restaurants also offer it for lunch and dinner. A full breakfast is a special meal, so some eat it only during weekends or on special occasions.

  1. Afternoon Tea

The Afternoon tea is an English tradition that started with the Duchess of Bedford. It is a light meal that satisfies the hunger that comes in between lunch and dinner. An Afternoon Tea has sandwiches, a variety of cakes, scones, and of course, tea. It is different from the British Afternoon Tea of the High Tea, which is usually a more fulfilling (and heavier) meal.

  1. Fish and Chips

This deep fried special has been an English favourite for years. It is crispy inside and out and is served with chunky golden chips and peas, although some varieties also serve fish and chips with curry sauce and in some instances, even French fries. The English favour the Cod and Haddock varieties for this popular dish.

  1. Bangers and Mash

This traditional English meal combines fried or oven-cooked sausages with a lot of mashed potato. Some restaurants serve this dish with gravy and others go for friend onions. A lot of diners, however, prefer to take their Bangers and Mash as is. This comfort food is perfect when paired with red wine or beer.

  1. Roast Meals/Roast Dinner

The English like their meat roasted. This is why the roast dinner is popular. This is a complete meal that features roast/mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, vegetables, and Yorkshire pudding along with roasted meat. It is a classic favourite and is said to bring families together. The roast dinner can be served on any day of the week.