Top 3 Dining Manners to Practice When in England

The British are quite serious when it comes to following and practicing proper dining etiquette. Whether you are dining in your favourite English restaurant, eating in a fast food with friends, or in a formal event, it is important to be mindful of proper dining behaviour. Here are three of the most essential etiquettes you should watch out for:

  1. Wear the proper dress code.

This may not be related to dining per se, but it is just as important. Following the proper dress code is a sign of respect to the person, group, or company who/that invited you. If the event is a casual one, then wear your best smart casual outfit. If it is a formal event, men should wear a suit and tie while women should be in their long dresses or gowns. Since it is a formal event, women should take it upon themselves to avoid baring their midriffs.

  1. Do not do the following:

Do not chew your food while your mouth is open. Do not talk when your mouth is filled with food. DO not use your finger/s to fix the position of the food on your spoon or fork. Do not put too much food on your plate, and do not put a huge serving of food in your mouth. When drinking coffee or tea, do not sip using a spoon. Likewise, avoid blowing on your hot drink or sizzling hot food. Especially in a formal setting, do not take photos of the food on the table or served to you. Finally, do not mix your food as if you were mixing drinks!

  1. Remember these things while seated on your place in the dining table:

Sit properly on your chair. Observe proper posture; do not slouch. Do not rock your chair; it is not a rocking chair. Take care and be careful so that your elbow does not touch the table. Do not comb your hair or apply makeup (or fix makeup) while seated on the dining table. This should be done in the bathroom/powder room. Likewise, smoking in the dining area is strictly prohibited.